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Happy New Year To All !!!

Wishing all of my readers and those who might be visiting for the first time to my blog, All the best for 2015 and take a good start to make this the most meaningful year of your life.Which stone are you going to pick?Do share.

Also Thank you for the likes and those following this blog, i look forward to write more interesting posts to share in the coming days with you all.

So, Keep visiting the blog!😉

So…a page from my reflective diary….

While I was watching in videos posted on social media about racism, I wondered that beggars are far better than racist people because they direct themselves towards what they NEED whereas racist people direct themselves towards what they  WANT.How ignorant can a human being become who grows along with hatred, revenge that he or she forgets that life is short and we all live it for once, there are far greater things to do than just belittling anybody over religion, caste or creed or just anything.

I am not the person who categorises people and conclude over it, this is in regard to “racist” people mentioned therein, because I also believe that people who hold racist views might also have some other good qualities which can be appreciated as and when observed . So just that I don’t want you guys to judge me in anyway, and hope you will stick to the context in which I intend to purely suggest a message out of goodwill.And I know you got that!😉 smart readers!

So thanks for stopping by my blog and stay with peace and harmony and let love be in the air!!!🙂 take care .

Try being non judgemental and support someone in need this year….

#Take a stand for de-stigmatization of mental illness


Hello to all of you who are reading  this post.Have been away from writing posts on this blog since long, apologies to my readers.Good news is that I have yet again as very organic contents to share with you all which I will be doing from now .To kickstart I have something to share which have been on my mind for quite a long time.Recently,  I came across news  in my city of reported suicides committed by teenagers mostly and adults.such news appears everyday almost.The number of sucides has been on the rise in spite of various mental health care measures being taken worldwide and currently it’s just so unfortunate to see young kids taking their own lives , it’s also a bit disturbing.

With the results of 10th grade and 12th grade it is now much expected that some news would appear of suicides and become headlines. While all this continues to happen you and I cannot change the situation by just reading or writing, but, we can definitely try to create some ripples of change through taking the right and strong stand regarding the issue.

So here I am supporting mental health awareness by utilising this blog to connect with you all and ask for your support to end the stigma which still exists in people regarding mental illness.There have been many discussions and it ends with all the “yes” to “I support” kind of message but actually how much of that benefits?so how can you best support this cause to bring a shift in people’s perspective regarding stigma? In a creative yet effective manner ? Well this has to be answered by YOU! and you can mail your answers on or leave a comment below .

Thanks for visiting my blog and be kind, do your extra bit to be there for someone in need, don’t judge and just listen, become a beautiful YOU everyday!

The 21st Century Parenting

How many of you as parents worry about your child’s safety on internet? or your daughter’s school night-out ? or about your child’s correct way of painting or drawing, while he/she is working at it?  We are living in 21st century and its high time now that we understood the value of  making subconscious efforts to programming our minds to view things differently.We as humans are capable of doing that anytime.As I read  a remarkable quote by Dr.Wayne.W.Dyer-“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” It just takes a shift in perception and a lot then seems to be newer than before.Today is a world of globalization, digital revolution seems to have made its place into our lives.The way our parents did parenting is much different from what we implement as parenting .But yet with many parents its not so.They tend to somehow carry the traditional parenting styles in someway  and implement it on their children even today in ever-changing competitive and  technology oriented environment.

We as kids did not have many options or choices to make. For example, if we wanted a chocolate we would go to store and have few options like dairy milk bar, gems,or maybe few orange candies,even with that available few choices we were not so free to choose unless our parents were happy with us having made the decision freely.They cared for us in their own ways .Today if you take a child to a store you can hardly speak and interfere with their choices.They want what they want or else they do not want it at what do you do? you let them have their own way.That is what generally happens eventually.Children these days have their own opinions about every other topic and they feel free to speak up and express themselves.This is not an era when it would be feasible to teach kids what freedom is not .You have to let them know, feel and understand what freedom is and learn the value of it.You have to create an environment which allows them to develop positive attributes while enjoying the freedom and at the same time reflect on the  understanding of what is going on and why.Be your own Mentor.Never stop educating yourself!

While there are number of things to consider but here I Would like to focus on 2 major points out of few, which I think creates an impact on personality development of the child and which i think every parent should continue learning about it, as there is always more to it, till lifetime.

The first hand-held cell phone was demonstrated in 1973, and in 1983, the first mobile was available commercially . From 1983 to 2014, worldwide mobile phone subscriptions grew from zero to over 7 billion.(source:Wikipedia)Thanks to the recent generation kids for this growth!😉
I remember in earlier times of my schooling the phone was just used to make calls that too when required, the  leisure time was spent by drawing, or playing with dolls, or reading, etc,. Today when i observe my niece who is in grade 1 another in grade 5 , and many other kids in school in different grades, generally as i see, they spend almost entire day into mobile phones playing games not 1 or 2 but many and also they know how to download different apps for different things, kids are so smart these days hence i have to learn how to play from them.Its amazing to see how these tiny-tots can explain the digital games in no time. Internet has moreover convinced them that the world is too small.So what  you know about technology and the relevant concerns , these points do matter! if you do not know more than enough about it or even know it vaguely, it will be a factor which can immensely impact on your parenting efforts and may not give you the right window into looking at your kids progress or where they are heading to.Keeping yourself updated with the techno -world is essential.Today the generation gap is much larger than what we had as the same, then. Tip: In your free time try to learn about educational apps and various educational gadgets in the market and their purpose ,While you can not always be there to guard them from dangers but you can prepare them to be responsible for their actions by teaching them about digital footprints and otherwise as letting them realize that they are answerable to someone for their actions at one time or another ,  which can be enough as a guard to protect them from taking wrong steps ahead.

Parenting perception:
You all must have already read somewhere about different styles of parenting.Not dwelling into specific styles I would say in a broader sense,  much to what parenting depends on is your perception about the same.Our perception of parenting can be linked back to how we were taken care of by our parents.Not that traditional parenting which we experienced then was bad or negative but its like you no longer will be using the old phone with no memory chip or big screen which lets you know more details about missed calls and  would save your time, rather you will indeed  prefer a mobile phone with advanced features not only because its cool but because its even necessary considering the fast paced life.A shift in perception is the requirement to not only survive but to live.In today’s era, just knowing things doesn’t matter enough, you have internet for that, Kids are exposed to pool of information on net, hence kids need to be encouraged to do more of creativity, problem-solving tasks, must be working on their communication skills and emotions management.The focus of parenting should be not on what are you teaching but how are you teaching.For this it is very essential to make sure that the child is not just a learner for school grades but for life.Frequent collaboration between school and parents may help in this.

Every child is different , how many times have we heard this but barely paid attention to it. It actually  means that the parenting style too must differ from one another, be planned,according to every child with every parents in order to see the success as a result, more or less equally across the world.This can happen only if every parent understands it and learns about it like they do before joining their company, by learning about their company’s history and how it works, to work effectively in future and have the job going on for themselves.

Parents are the first point of contact for children in this world. so their perception of self depends on how you react to them .So it is very important to take care of how you are reacting by saying what.That will impact a child’s self perception and will stay for a long time in future as self image.So if for example you think any task finished is not good if its not perfect then your child might well be not satisfied with himself/herself until they reach up to perfection .Eventually in this process of reaching up to the mark they will end up ignoring their true potential and achieving the confidence level that they need in order to be successful in life.

Likewise, Parents of teenagers need to learn about the brain and behavior of a teenager.The often changing behavior patterns you see in your teen kid is not what they do  to intentionally irritate you but because its the way their brain is progressing towards development.Remember, it is in its developing stage and not developed completely enough.Tip: To get the idea of what your parenting style should be, try to invest some more time in observing your child and stick to positive affirmations rather than picking up their negative points to improve.This will only waste most of your parenting time .You can rather point over their positive traits and praise them for it. This will give them enthusiasm to do more better in future.Read about  and try implementing, punishment and reinforcement principles, behavior modification.(Psychology)

In a nutshell:
While I can talk about this for hours but my purpose of this post is to give you a window into reflecting over your parenting tactics, and for grabbing up the main idea of today’s parenting that is…. bringing up the change in our perception will only help us to lessen the generation gap in 21st century  and help in  enjoying the journey of  development by being  with them in the form of their thinking and their responsible actions and not by standing beside them always to unknowingly hide what they are capable of and become lesser anxious parents to enjoy parenting as blessing!

Quick reminders:

  • Learn about different stages of development(child psychology) .This will help you in knowing the reason why your child behaves the way he/she does.Therefore, leading you to some clues to form your parenting plan effectively.what works for “X “family need not necessarily work for” Y “family. Hence continue educating yourself.
  • Stay updated with technology for kids according to the age group, so that you know what your child is doing and what  he/she is up to.
  • While parenting can be the toughest job but in anyway do not let the work stress or any stress be transferred to your child in any form.Be very careful with your reactions.This can impact on a child in various ways negatively.
  • Most importantly, as I read somewhere, ” Don’t become so concerned with raising a good child that you forget you already have one! “

Lastly, the preconceived notions that we unfortunately hold of the word GOOD, well, no wonder why and when our various efforts too do not seem to succeed.Acknowledge your child’s efforts even if it is just better.
However, Just before I conclude here is something i would like to share with you all, just when you are thinking that even best efforts as parents are not working enough…

keep trying

Stepping into shoe’s of an LD Child- Let’s learn!

I personally suggest everyone, especially parents, teachers , or counselors to view this video, and make sure that you watch all of them. As I myself found it so amazing and its very important to not miss the very minute details that we casually tend to take for granted.If you pay attention and listen carefully , you will experience actually stepping into shoe’s of an LD Child. Now maybe some more developed practices have fallen into picture as improvement in the whole education system, but still I think in many schools very little has changed.

Its the kind of workshop i always wanted to conduct for my staff, such an amazing work.However, I couldn’t then, But for that i have posted this video here.I will surely try my best to conduct the same by using this content as guideline, more than just delivering the content conveying the right message is what i would want to do.I hope you find this worth watching.This too shall give you something  precious to learn . For some of you I am sure you are watching these videos for the first time.Thanks for visiting my Blog .

Please specifically if you liked it and if you would like to add up something to what you watched as a comment or got to learn something out of it do share it by sending me a mail on, will be waiting for it!  Take care.

I love this video……it requires concentration and interest in a factor motivation!

Great for kids!!

World Read Aloud DayHow many of you who are teachers actually are aware of worlds’ read aloud day??? If i was in a seminar hall i know very few hands would have been raised up.However, not to worry though as march is still ongoing and some celebrate it on 7th, some on 5th or 4th so you can pick up any week to celebrate it .I think whole week will be fun as many kids would want to read out and you know introverts cant say much but if you support them in your class by being very welcoming of who they are and by accepting and rewarding them for as much they say or share will certainly help them and you will see the results soon as positive.

However I am here today to suggest teachers to use story bird for encouraging students to not only share and read aloud their stories and stuff but also to make everyone involved into reading and writing and sharing.This can be really fun to use in classrooms,and can be followed by interactive discussions if its 4th grade and otherwise letting tiny-tots for grades lower than 4th to put a star as for how much they liked their friends story and ask them why? this practice will make them learn to reason out things in their head and is good for development of course ! Its a treat to see how varied imaginations form themselves up into some beautiful stories.Also its good for those who do not find much words to express they can use images to form up their story and present their work this can boost up their confidence and take them a level higher in being expressive . For parents too this can help in getting to know their kid better, at home too some kids spend hours writing stories and mostly are in their dreamland so they can use this platform and can save up the good work , it can give some very useful insights into the state of mind of a child, can be helpful as a document for school counselor too.))

Story bird is awesome I personally love to make stories and have seen some have posted beautiful work out there just check out and do comeback with your views regarding the same.Happy world’s Read Aloud Day… or I could say Week!😉 Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by my Blog , take care of yourselves. ))

Attention Effective Teachers!!!!!

Effective Teaching PracticesTeachers can definitely find this on web and Found this as very interesting to share with you all.I think it definitely can be utilized as a teaching practice to certainly be more effective.Teaching is not just about giving information as we all know, its also a learning phase for teachers themselves as it is to your students.But for them learning content will be primary whereas for you methodology or your teaching practice will be primary.From selecting a suitable topic to teach till delivering it effectively so as to actually help students learn it and retain it, these steps certainly speak more than my words here can!Do all that you can to be best at teaching because once you get into this profession, it is not about  you its about them!

What do you do to make your teaching effective?Do share please with me I will be more than glad to know it!

Stay informed and thanks for visiting my Blog!- Please start your day with a bright smile always!!Take care

How often do you do self reflection for them…?

I found This to be so true and often we need to be reminded of this because we tend to get so busy behind running towards fulfilling our ambitions, even though if they are meant for our family,unfortunately they are the one’s who keep missing getting our time of togetherness and we are the one’s missing on giving the best time we can….well i know you all definitely must be also good at time management, better than me for sure …no offense please..just felt like thinking over this and sharing it with you guys.

I am so sorry ,I am engaged  in other activities too these days, Hence posting back after a little longer time.So again definitely a reminder worth reading for myself too on this note: will be back soon.So , I need to work on giving more of time , what are you going to work on for your relationship this week out of the four things mentioned in that wise quote?? I would love to know about it! Do share .

Thanks for Visiting my Blog, Keep reading!Take care😉

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